9.1 – 3-Step-Finishing Kit

Create a mirror finish in three easy steps.

3-Step-Finishing Kit

The three-stage polishing kit is designed for low-speed angle-grinders, among other applications. You can remove or repair weld seams, for example, or polish your workpiece to a mirror finish.


  • Hybrid disc – for weld seam blending and removal (step 1)
  • Unitized finishing disc – to remove minor scratches (step 2)
  • Felt polishing flap disc – for surface polishing (step 3)
  • WENDT-White polishing paste – for high-gloss polishing (step 3)

These three steps run in sequence will allow you to create a superb finish!

Available in 115 mm and 125 mm diameters.

Note: All the component elements of this kit are also available separately.

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