Finishing and Polishing Machine

7.0 – G-Wendt FPM230

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Our FPM230 is a regulatable angle-polisher for grinding, satining and high-gloss polishing. Suitable for use on pipes and on flat or irregularly shaped workpieces. The machine is also suitable for the use of felt polishing discs and flap rolls. Guaranteed quality thanks to selected components -- Made in Germany.

G-Wendt FPM230

Attributes that will impress you


The high-performance motor guarantees outstanding service life and low machine temperatures – even under the highest loads.

Speed stability

The two-stage step-down gear provides maximum torque, ensuring that the pre-set rotation speed is kept constant even under heavy press force.

Variable application options

The extensive range of G-WENDT accessories allied to the infinitely adjustable speed control allows you to operate this angle-polisher as a roller, disc or belt grinding machine.

Ergonomic and durable

Secure hold and virtually fatigue-free operation thanks to the tapered handle zone ensure you can work in comfort. The mix of top-quality components also means you can be sure of enjoying an impressively long service life.

Application areas

Grinding and polishing of inside angles.

Working in ultra-tight spaces with maximum material removal. Including edges, corners, profile sections, pipes and narrow ducts.

Pipe working, such as on weld seams – inside, outside and in fillet welds.

Finishing including grinding, satining and high-gloss polishing.

Useful information about the G-Wendt FPM230

Our machine portfolio is grouped by variants. Firstly, the FPM230 basic version, including a swivelling holder, handle, guard bar and case. Secondly, the two-in-one solution, incorporating the components of the basic version plus a wide range of grinding and polishing tools. You also have a choice of two polishing pastes.

Three additional attachments are available to meet your specific needs: a tube belt grinder, a belt file, and a fillet weld grinder. All those optional extras come with a specially assembled kit comprising various grinding and polishing tools, as well as a case.