6.0 – Felt-Polishing Products

Polish surfaces to a mirror finish. Our patented felt polishing tools will support you in a variety of processes. Ideal for creating high-gloss surface finishes, maintaining or restoring surface appearance.

6.3 | Felt Cartridge Rolls

This product group is currently being established.

6.5 | Unmounted Felt Flap Wheels

This product group is currently being established.

6.6 | Mini Felt-Polishing Discs

This product group is currently being established.

Application areas & guidance notes

Application areas

User-friendly mirror-finish polishing on

  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • non-ferrous metals
  • glass
  • plastic
  • marble
  • stone

Benefit from high-gloss polishing in superfinishing too. For example in the food or pharmaceuticals industry. A smooth surface ensures compliance with the highest hygiene standards. No dirt or other deposits can adhere. A high-gloss polished surface will also enhance the durability of the material.


These products are suitable for use with conventional polishing paste, which is also key to the degree of polish. For that reason, we offer you two different types of polishing paste: WENDT-Brown for pre-polishing, and WENDT-White for high-gloss finishing. Be sure to use a separate felt polishing tool for each paste.

Wendt felt polishing tools are available in several different hardnesses and thicknesses.

Softer versions are identifiable by the lower hardness rating (H) such as “H25”. Solid felts have a higher rating, such as “H40”.

The flap thickness is indicated by the letter “D”. Thicker flaps like our “D5” (approximately 5 mm) are frequently used in combination with hardness “H40” and Wendt-Brown polishing paste for pre-polishing.

By contrast, soft and narrower flaps “D3” (approximately 3 mm) are used in combination with hardness “H25” and Wendt-White for high-gloss polishing.


  • For an optimum result, felt tools should always be operated at speeds of about 10 m/s
  • Felt tools must be used in conjunction with a polishing paste
  • Polishing paste residues can be very easily removed from the surface using Vienna polishing chalk
  • A good pre-grind will reduce the effort needed when polishing
  • For optimum results, we recommend use of a regulatable angle-grinder