6.2 | Felt-Polishing Flap Wheels

Felt-Polishing Flap Wheels

Felt-Polishing Flap Wheel

A great benefit of these polishing tools is their flexibility. They ensure optimal adaptation to the contours of the workpiece. That also means you can work using less pressure. As a result, surface wear on the workpiece is largely avoided.  Lighter pressure also means less heat is generated, so heat discoloration is reduced.

In short: you will be impressed!

Use on:

  • high-resistance and varnished sheet metal
  • non-ferrous metals
  • hardened steel
  • rust- and acid-resistant steel
  • high-alloy steel

Our felt polishing flap wheels are also available in small sizes with a 3 mm shaft. The mini wheels are particularly suitable for working difficult to access locations or where high precision is required.

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Felt-Polishing Flap Wheel Brushes

These polishing tools provide the same benefits as our felt flap polishers. But in this case the flaps are slit to provide even greater flexibility for polishing irregular shapes and contours.