6.1 – Felt-Polishing Flap Disc

Felt-Polishing Flap Disc

One of our best-selling Felt products. Upright, highly flexible flaps made of wool felt on a fibre-glass backing. Allows cool air flow to the surface and provides a number of benefits for you:

  • Reduces heat build-up and the discoloration it can create.
  • The tool adapts and conforms to the contours of the workpiece.
  • Improved absorption of polishing paste by the felt flaps, enabling long-lasting and uniform polishing on the surface.

Using different polishing pastes also enables you to work different materials. From stainless steel to non-ferrous metals, plastics and stone. Ideal for working irregular or contoured surfaces, and for high-gloss polishing of medium-sized to large components.

The felt material is available in several different thicknesses and densities. The firmer version is suitable for pre-polishing flat surfaces. The soft version is works well for glossing or working contoured workpieces.  

If you want to achieve a very fine surface finish, you can use both versions one after another.

In addition to the standard support backing, we also offer a version with a reduced-size backing which is ideal for polishing in corners.

A M14 mount is also available as a convenient feature. It allows quick and easy twist-on to the M14 spindle.

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