5.1 – Unitized Finishing Disc

UNITIZED Finishing Disc with Fibreglass Backing

Our unitized disc offers extremely long service life and are comfortable to work with.

Specially designed for use on angle-grinders to produce an attractive surface finish, and prepare surfaces before polishing.

Thanks to its compact three-dimensional design, this grinding tool is very durable. It resists loading, and creates a good finish on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  

This product is available in various sizes and shapes. Various densities and finish grades are also available. Medium (4) and Hard (6) are our standard densities. 

This results in differing properties and application areas. 

Medium (4):                                 

  • Create decorative surface finishes on stainless steel
  • Smoothing surfaces after weld seam removal
  • Preparing titanium and stainless steel for polishing
  • Finishing aluminium, copper and brass prior to coating
  • Blending over surface defects
  • Last stage of surface preparation prior to high-gloss polishing 

Hard (6):

  • Removing aluminium burr
  • Deburring punched parts
  • Rounding-off sharp edges on punched parts
  • Cleaning metal contacts
  • Remove glue, synthetic resin and surplus compound adhesives
  • Removing rust, oxidation and corrosion

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More unitised compact grinding disc products will follow.