4.0 –Interleaved & Nonwoven

Interleaved and nonwoven finishing products are designed for creating special surface finishes.  Nonwovens are comprised of synthetic resins, nylon fibers and abrasive grain. The individual fibers intermesh in a very loose bind. This provides maximum flexibility, and allows it to conform to the workpiece contours. The fleece material is very soft, smooth, and extremely springy. This produces satin finish which cannot be achieved with conventional abrasives. Interleaved products are made with a combination of nonwoven material and traditional coated abrasive. The addition of the coated abrasive makes them slightly more aggressive, and more durable than nonwoven material alone. Interleaved products are suitable for light deburring applications or to create a brushed surface appearance.

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Application areas & guidance notes

Grain size

The even distribution of the grinding grit in the fleece ensures a continuous supply of new grit. The grinding grit stays constantly fresh and sharp throughout the life of the product.

It is customary to choose a specific grain size when selecting grinding tools. For grinding fleece, however, the following grading is applied.

Extra coarse
Very fine
Ultra fine

Key Facts

  • Applied where other grinding tools no longer provide the desired result/finish
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Gentle finishing tools, thanks to their elastic properties
  • Water-tight, very robust, washable
  • The material does not clog up, and leaves no rust
  • Grinding fleece is non-conductive
  • Both wet and dry grinding possible
  • Fresh, sharp grit throughout the life of the product

Application areas

Grinding fleece is ideally suited to the cleaning, deburring or surface finishing of numerous metals, including:

  • nickel
  • copper
  • brass
  • aluminium
  • stainless steel
  • titanium