4.1 – Interleavead Finishing

Interleaved Finishing

Hybrid Disc

This product combines durable surface conditioning material (SCM) with coated abrasive on a fiber glass backing.

Outstanding performance for:

  • removing weld seams (in one pass)
  • removing burrs (after plasma or laser cutting)
  • decorative surface finishes on stainless steel
  • removing minor surface imperfections

Hybrid discs can be used on a wide variety of different materials. For example: stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, and other alloys. 

The design also enables you to reduce the number of work steps: from the normal two passes with conventional abrasives to just one.

The hybrid abrasive flap disc efficiently removes material while producing an attractive finish. That saves you valuable time and money.

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Interleaved Flap Wheel

Flaps made of abrasive cloth alternating with nonwowen fleece. That ensures low abrasion while at the same time brushing the surface.

Ideally suited to light deburring and texturing in a single step. Suitable for use on straight grinders, die grinders or flexible shaft tools.


  • Other grain sizes and combinations are available on request
  • Almost all 6 mm shaft products can also be ordered with internal and external threads

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Interleaved Flap Roll

Four keyways and a 19 mm bore. This ensures that our rolls can be used with portable finishing tools from different manufacturers.

Also available in a M14 version mount for easier changeovers.

Thanks to their base material combination of abrasive cloth and nonwoven fleece, our roll cover a broad range of applications:

  • pre-grinding
  • texturing
  • roughing
  • deburring
  • cleaning
  • matting
  • rust removal
  • blending
  • satining
  • finishing

Another benefit is the ability to work on different materials, including:

  • non-ferrous metals
  • wood
  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • grey-cast iron

User tips:

Coarse grit has a finer effect at high speed –
fine grit has a coarser effect at low speed.
Heavy pressure will result in premature wear. Apply only light pressure during use.
If the stock removal is not adequate, use a coarser grit – don’t increase the press force.
Interleaved rolls are directional, so pay attention when mounting on the tool.

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