3.0 – Coated Abrasives

We offer an unusually wide and deep range of coated abrasive products in a variety of forms. The more popular versions available include flap discs, flap bands, and flap wheels, designed for the full range of sanding and finishing applications.

3.2 | Folded Flap Disc

This product group is currently being established.

3.3 | Resin Fibre Discs

This product group is currently being established.

Knowing what’s important

We normally mount abrasives on one of three different types of backing material:  polyester, cotton, or a polyester/cotton blend.

The polyester backing is highly resistant to tearing. It offers limited flexibility however. Cotton fabric is more flexible, though its tear resistance is limited.

So when choosing an abrasive you have a range of options

For sensitive applications, such as when working with our flap wheels, and in particular with our mini flap wheels, you would choose a cotton fabric as a flexible backing material.

In the production of our tools for heavy industrial applications, we use polyester-backed abrasives. Alternatively, a combination of cotton and polyester fabric provides a robust, tear-resistant backing.

A base coat ensures the initial grit adhesion. The subsequent top coat helps the grit bind together. Softer or harder binding agents are used for the different application areas. To produce a cooler cut in some special applications, a grinding additive is used. The secret of good binding lies in the balance between flexibility and grit adhesion.

This is where you benefit from our over 40 years’ experience in the industry.

We generally offer four different types of premium abrasive grain for our coated abrasive products.

Zirconia (E, R), on a standard cotton backing. For excellent performance on stainless steel and soft steels.

Aluminium Oxide (N, A), on cotton backing. For soft steels, stainless steel and aluminium.

100% Zirconia (X), on a poly-cotton backing. For aggressive material removal with maximum service life.

Ceramic (K), on a polyester backing. Fast, aggressive material removal, combined with long service life. Grinding additives additionally ensure a cool cut on stainless steel and alloys.

So you can easily find the optimum grinding tool for your specific needs.  

In future you’ll find all the content of the “Abrasives on backing” section here.  If you want to find out more, or if you are unable to find the right product for your needs, we recommend you check out our PDF catalogue in the Downloads area.