Designed for working in tight grooves, removal of a weld seam; to beveling and grinding with either side of a disc. This tool is suitable for a wide range of different tasks!


Allows precise beveling, double-sided grinding and deburring in just one pass. Penetrates into grooves to remove sharp burs. All with one tool!

The sturdy construction ensures long service life.  Zirconia abrasive further enhances the disc life while increasing the aggressiveness. As a result you will cut costs, save time, and maintain a safe work environment.

A shallow work angle and the ability to grind from both sides makes this an ergonomically-friendly product for the operator.

The innovative design allows maximum control with constant cooling.

Make your angle-grinder a problem-solver with TWINPOWER.

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Useful information

  • Three viewing and cooling windows provide a clear sight of the workpiece and guarantee precision in all circumstances.
  • Three different zirconia grit sizes (40, 60, 80) allow for use in any application area.
  • Ultra-thin construction, available in 115 and 125 mm diameters.
  • Simple disc mounting system in the form of a robust, durable stainless steel adapter makes a support disc unnecessary.
  • The compact design of this adapter also permits deep penetration of the disc, and enables the disc to be securely mounted and accurately centred with just one twist.


  • Supreme control combined with previously unattained levels of comfort
  • Outstanding material removal and astounding penetration depth
  • Reduces the risk of unwanted paint running
  • Double-sided grinding and safe operation in narrow grooves thanks to the robust disc design

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