3.11 – Flap Rolls

Our flap rolls are made with abrasive grain bonded to a heavy cotton backing. They feature a four-groove fixture designed to securely fit on most popular finishing tools. The rotation of the brush rotation allows the operator to produce a uniform, linear direction surface finish. By comparison, discs create a circular swirl patterns.

Flap Rolls

Flap Rolls with Aluminium Oxide

This type of flap roll consists of synthetic resin-bonded grinding flaps. It features medium hardness, and is made with premium aluminium oxide premium grain.

Application areas

  • General deburring
  • Removal of rust, old paint and scratches
  • Cleaning and texturing alloy and high-alloy steels

Available in 100 and 110 mm diameters and grit sizes 40-320.

Usable on practically any surface, even wood.

Tip: With grit size 40 it is possible to remove even deep scratches from stainless steel.

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Application areas & guidance notes

Useful information

  • Available in aluminium oxide and ceramic variants
  • Grain sizes 40 to 320
  • Width up to 120 mm
  • 6 mm keyway and 19 mm bore
  • M14 thread receiver
  • Four-groove fixture enhances your working comfort
  • Grinding linen with a heavy cotton fabric backing

Application areas

  • Machining high-alloy stainless steels, such as for electrical cabinets
  • Honing in kitchen, tank and apparatus manufacture
  • Removing unevenness, such as smoothing weld seams
  • Honing, for example as in preparation for polishing
  • For pre-grinding and texturing
  • Eliminates rust, paint, burr and scratches

Material suitability

  • Deep-drawing steel
  • Forging steel
  • Stainless steels
  • Steel strip
  • Grey-cast iron
  • Zinc injection-moulding
  • Malleable cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Wood