3.9 – Flap Bands

Developed and patented by WENDT. Are a more durable and aggressive alternative to spiral bands and flap wheels.

Small Diameter Flap Bands

Flap Bands Zirconia

Zirconia grain for aggressive grinding, fast deburring and chamfering. Enhanced stock removal and longer product life. Particularly effective on stainless steel and hard alloys.

Available in grit sizes 40-120, in outside diameter 35-90 mm.

Tip: For optimum service life, only a light pressure should be applied.

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Flap bands, ceramic

Ceramic grain for maximum aggressiveness and service life. Best choice for stainless steel and hard alloys.

This article can also be found in the DEALER-PROGRAMME

You’ll soon additionally find our large diameter flap bands and spiral bands here.


Useful information

  • Layered flaps packed tight around a solid core
  • The individual flaps close uniformly, thereby continually releasing new sharp grit
  • Application on custom rubber expander – the rubber expander ensures permanently secure hold, as the rubber flaps expand due to centrifugal force


  • Much more aggressive stock removal than by a flap wheel
  • Constant, always aggressive stock removal throughout the service life
  • The enhanced performance will boost your output and so provide for more economical grinding
  • More robust than spiral bands
  • No tearing of the seams possible
  • Quick changeovers and secure hold thanks to the expander – this ensures safety at all times, and makes your work easier
  • Low vibration enhances your working comfort