3.5 – Flap Wheels

Flap wheels are one of the foundations of our business, and we have developed one of the most extensive offerings available in the world. Our standard program is unmatched in its scope, and complement this with the ability to produce custom products as well.

Flap wheels, aluminium oxide

Our flap wheels are produced with premium aluminium oxide abrasive, and are suitable for nearly all applications. The X-weight cotton backing provides strength, dissipates heat, and wears evenly to produce a consistent finish.

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Mini flap wheel, aluminium oxide

We offer a wide range of flap wheels, right down to some of the world’s smallest mini-die grinders. We attach particular importance to the quality of our products. Mini flap wheels are ideal for finishing particularly difficult to access areas and very small surfaces, for example in tool and mould-making.

This article can also be found in the DEALER-PROGRAMME

Application areas & guidance notes

Application areas

Working small, difficult to access locations in apparatus and tank manufacture. Grinding turbine blades in aircraft engine manufacture. Honing in tool making. Machining ships’ propellers.


  • Aggressive abrasive on backing ensures high material removal performance
  • Thanks to the slightly recessed core, you can work very tight to edges and in corners
  • High flexibility
  • The backing material abrades evenly across the workpiece surface. For you that means the grinding grit is always sharp and there are no residues on the surface
  • Many different designs available to meet your individual needs
  • High-quality abrasive on backing ensures high grinding performance and long service life

Application areas

You will achieve the ideal balance between stock removal performance, tool wear and surface finish quality at a cutting speed of 15-20 m/s.

Flexible shafts or straight grinders, for example, can be used as the drive units.