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For nearly half a century we have been manufacturing abrasives- and polishing tools. Our very deep and wide product range offers you solutions for nearly all surface treatment applications. As a DIN EN ISO certified company we are all the time focused on quality.


The world of abrasives

Overview Product Categories


Here you will find within nine product categories, everything from grinding and polishing. Educate yourself with our wide product range, covering a wide variety of finishing applications.

1.0 | Rex Cleaning Products

The first choice for cleaning and preparing surfaces.

2.0 | Cutting and Grinding Discs

When you need the right tool at your fingertips

3.0 | Coated Abrasives

The product program “Coated Abrasives”, covers a wide range of different applications, Here you will find within 12 categories amongst other products for example our popular flap discs, flap bands and flap brushes.

4.0 | Nonwoven Abrasives

The best choice to finish a surface or to ready it for polishing. Nonwovens create the ultimate satin surface finish.

5.0 |Pre-Polishing Products

Our pre polishing products are manufactured with Unitized Material, which consits of compressed layers of nonwoven abrasives. That material design ensures a high content of regularly distributed grain.

6.0 | Felt-Polishing Products

To produce up to a mirror finish. Our patented polishing products helps you getting the job done!

7.0 | WENDT FPM230

Demanding Surface Finishing Applications? We got a machine, ready to take those challenges!

8.0 | Solid Carbide Burrs

Solid Carbide Burrs are precision machine ground and balanced for smooth performance and long tool life. Available in a varity of shapes, sizes and cut patterns to fit most applications

9.0 | Kits & Accessories

Unique possibilities for Surface Finishing Applications.

About Us

For more than 40 years we are totally dedicated to abrasives and polishing tools. As a family run business we are committed to tradition and high demands on quality products “Made in Germany.“

Abrasives and Polishing Tools, for more than 40 years.

Together we are creating history!



After thorough preparation, Günter Wendt announces the formation of the family company. At that time the focus was on the manufacturing of felt callots.


Leading by Innovation

Leading by innovation. The manufacturing of flap wheels and mini flap wheels started. This led to the development of the world’s first 10mm x 10mm mini flap wheel. The production was in the cellar of the family’s home. Up to 20 fellow employees were active. So family business is not just a phrase for us, it is our philosophy.


We are getting bigger and bigger

The cellar could not keep pace with our growth and we needed more space. Early in May we moved into our new production facility in the industrial park in Mauel, Windeck, Germany. Flap brushes and Nonwoven abrasives flap wheels are added to our range.


The flap disc on fibreglass backing

A milestone! After a couple of months of development time, Günter Wendt, proudly introduced the first flap disc on a fiberglass backing. His focus was to improve the productivity and working comfort. We also doubled our production capacity by annexing a new factory building.


New factory building and raw material warehouse

With the official opening of our new factory building and a new raw material warehouse, we again doubled our capacity and welcomed our 100th employee.


Branches in USA and U.K.

The time has come! Wendt starts on the 5th of December 2000, with a branch in the USA and on the 14th of March 2001, in the UK. The CEOs, Frank Wendt and Marion Wendt-Ginsberg, are personally on site to ensure a smooth start. We are very excited to expand internationally!


Change of Management

Günter Wendt decides to retire and hands the business over to his children. He is now devoting his time to his beloved family and his hobbies. We can still count on his experiences and advice today.


First ISO Certification

We get our first ISO certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.


Own Manufacturing in the USA

The first Wendt products are manufactured outside Germany at our plant in Buffalo, NY. In the same year opened another subsidiary, Wendt S.A.R.L., in Sarreguemines, France.


Wendt do Brasil

We welcomed our next new member to the Wendt Family, with the establishment of Wendt do Brazil in South America.


New factroy buildung and training centre

We are excited to introduce our new factory building including a new training centre. Our popular product training sessions are taking place in this new facility.


New Look, established Quality

New look, established quality! After nearly a year of development, we are introducing at the Cologne Hardware Show, our new company Logo and Website.

If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

Paul Watzlawick

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